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Frequently Asked Questions:
Last Modified: Wednesday, July 17, 2019
For your convenience, we have listed few answers to some commonly asked questions regarding our website.
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1. What are the services offered by this website?
We offer most popular Sri Lankan music to both local and international music loving community. Specially, we want to present quality new Sri Lankan music which is very hard and rare to find these days and almost hidden; + latest Sri Lankan music, for present Sri Lankan community. In order to ensure the sustainability of our Sinhala Music, we want to make them available and easy to find for our future Sri Lankan community as well. The main goal of this website is entertainment, enjoyment and not with any highly commercial motive. From an artist point of view, we are ready to promote your valuable music creation both locally and internationally within seconds, completely free of charge! Yes, free of charge! With no additional cost. In that way, you can engage your music lovers earlier rather than later which will be an important aspect/asset in your present and future music journey to remain/retain live in this music industry.
2. How do I upload my music files to New Sinhala MP3?
You cannot upload your music files directly to, as it needs to be reviewed before publishing. Instead, you may email us your all music files to: with all essential music details such as artist name, musician name etc. Also, the music files can be either in "MP3 or WMA" format (Minimum Bit Rate ~ 128 kbps or more preferred). The submitted music files will be reviewed by our music team ASAP. If they meet New Sinhala MP3 music quality guidelines, they will be published immediately in our next site update. If not, either they may not publish in our website, or there may be a significant delay in processing the respective music files in New Sinhala MP3 website. (Special Note: Please keep in mind that, WE DO NOT PUBLISH EVERY MUSIC FILE you submitted to us).
3. Can I download all music files in a list at once?
No. We don't support such type of downloads, as we maintain this website with limited server resources and to preserve fair usage policy of music files for every website user, this functionality is unavailable.
4. Can I buy high quality music tracks from New Sinhala MP3?
No. We don't sell or can't provide any high quality music tracks for you. Only the sample music tracks (with 128 kbps bit rate) are listed in our website music lists as they are provided only for educational / entertainment purposes and personal usage. For the best quality music experience (320 kbps or more) and to avoid certain limitations, it is highly recommended that you purchase the Original Cassettes, CD s or DVD s from the nearest Music Store.
5. Why am I seeing the error page "Oops, No MP3 Song Selected"?
This error message can appear for several reasons. Such as, you haven't enabled cookies and JavaScript in your web browser, your browser is incompatible with our website, browsing history hasn't been cleared recently, your device is not compatible with our website, you are clicking the navigation links before the page is fully loaded or you have installed a browser specific ad blocking extension. This type of extensions affect our website functionality significantly and you may have got this error. Uninstall such extensions or temporarily disable them while using our website. This should fix the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions - New Sinhala MP3 FAQ s & Answers

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